Friday, July 11, 2008

A Question of Thought

Rachel has a stopwatch set whenever BBC's Question Time starts on Thursday nights. It is usually a matter of minutes before I shout "muppet" or "idiot" or worse at the screen. Last night it two minutes into the programme before I was grumping at Lib Dem MP Julia Goldsworthy who wriggled around like an imbecile, getting all giddy at the chance to make cheap political points. She failed to make a single coherant and genuine argument all night, and was outshone by the schoolboy next to her.

It's also a fact that there's always a guest that comes across better than you ever remember them. Last night it was Iain Duncan Smith, the quiet man, who I always remember by his initials - In Deep Sh*t. IDS was very good on QT, but then he always is. The most disastrous leader the Tories have ever had is a man who has found his place. Never a party leader, his work on the broken society and poverty is clear headed and wise. I genuinely can't remember a single thing Douglas Alexander said, but then he's one of the young Labour gimps keeping his head down at the moment.

Saira Khan, the token celebrity, managed to make middle of the road opinions seem hysterical and witless. There's this from Holy Moly, which sums her up.

She also made the ludicrous claim that all black characters in TV dramas are gangsters and rapists. Off the top of my head I thought of him, him and him. If there is a black male stereotype on TV it's of a wholesome but neurotic outsider with a slightly posh accent. Idiot.

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