Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Conservatives, motherhood and apple pie

There's an interview with David Cameron in the Graun today. It's easy to see how he's got this incredible momentum, but all he's actually peddling is positive sentiment. Gordon Brown, meanwhile, is displaying political and managerial incompetence, and negativity.

Take anything Cameron says and attempt to argue the opposite point of view. There isn't one.

Absent Dad's shouldn't be involved in bringing up kids.
You shouldn't recycle domestic waste.
Standards in schools should be worse.
Foreign criminals should be allowed to stay here.
Business should be ensnared in red tape.

I could go on. Basically, Labour have given up. The problems of crime, waste, hopelessness and poverty are the same. But they have no passion, no energy and no idea what to do. They meddle. The Tories are up for it. But that's pretty much the only difference.

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