Thursday, July 24, 2008

In an English Country Garden

Went to Tatton on Tuesday night for a very pleasant tour and a RHS President's Dinner just before the Flower Show opened the next day. I don't think I have ever been in a room with so many posh people before. The table plan for about 120 people included at least 20 double-barrels, 10 Lords and Ladies, four retired senior military officers (including a General) and several very posh de Montfords and the like. And Bryan Gray.

My Rachel and Becky Dewhirst were the youngest there. And as early 40 somethings me and my pal Simon Edwards (our host) can't have been far behind. Still, this isn't a complaint, but an observation. We had a great night. The gardens are fantastic this year, they all seem very practical and sustainable, the kind of gardens you could be inspired to do in your own back yard.

Three years ago Insider hosted a business breakfast at the event and we were committed to a long term plan to work with the RHS to encourage corporate hospitality at the show. We were bumped off as a partner, and it gives me no satisfaction whatsoever to say that the show still has no discernable presence on the corporate calendar. Hey ho.

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