Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Book review in a lift - Jim White

Yes, there is still a football embargo on this blog, this month, but this book is not about football, it's about being a father to a son. It is a vivid and often shockingly real account of Jim White's time running a junior football team. I see so many of the grotesque stereotypes that he writes about at the tournaments and matches I go to. Not to mention the committee politics. It's a warm and happy book with some great stories and anecdotes from the author's chats with various managers and coaches and some lovely bits about his own moments with his son. But one very important line in the book stands out. It is the question that defines kids' football at every level. Through every coaching session, every committee meeting, every dispute about the links on the website. It is the question that should be asked by every manager who leaves a kid as an unused sub, and every parent who screams at a referee. And the question is this: "Who is it for?"

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