Friday, April 11, 2008

Time flies by... ten happy thoughts on my week

My feet haven't touched the ground this week. So here are ten good things that have happened.

Rachel's done really well at work this week. Got a special mention in her Q1 review.

We had a superb shareholders meeting off site on Wednesday.

Following a snotty response to my blog about football where it was suggested that a "precious snob" like me would be better off at the opera I went to Manchester United v Roma on Wednesday night in an exec box (worthy of a blog in itself).

Great news from Scotland. My pal Erikka Askeland has got a new job at the Scotsman in Edinburgh. The Bitter End will bring her sparkle to new parts of the media world.

And Alasdair Northrop has got engaged to be married. Anyone who knows Alasdair will know why that is such good news. I'm thrilled to bits for him.

It's been a great week for the business. Our latest magazine is out this week, here. Ticket sales for our Business of Sport Summit are going very well. Get yours here.

I think I'm getting the hang of Last FM. Please feel free to contact me on it. My user name is the name of this blog.

I had a Kobe beef burger at the Grill on the Alley. Superb.

Liverpool owners are falling out. *cue banner* "What we achieve in strife, echoes in adversity."

And finally, it's the weekend. Time for some quality time with the family.


Nick Morrell said...

Having only just read the response to you not renewing your season tickets, I have to ask, why didn't you give him both barrels and tell the knob about your footballing apprenticeship? Some people have no idea do they? I wonder whether Scott Thornton (if he was old enough)had ever visited Ewood prior to 1995? I doubt it very much.

Michael Taylor said...

Given that you beat us 3-1 yesterday Nick, thanks for your restraint. I can't be bothered with flame wars to be honest with you, but thanks for recalling the "apprenticeship". I certainly don't ever recall shouting racist abuse while sat with kids all around me. Then again, it was a bit sparser back then.

Scott Thornton said...

The "knob" in question has been going to Ewood for about 30 years. And I have never shouted racist abuse at any time, whether kids were around me or not. Nor do I condone anyone else doing it - you did the right thing by reporting it.

But I also haven't been put off attending any matches because someone else did (why let them win?) and certainly haven't been put off by any "rude" women.

Anyway, seems like you've found your spiritual home eating prawn sandwiches at Old Trafford now.

Michael Taylor said...


Thanks for taking the time to reply. I don't know why you're being so rude to me. We've got five kids. We live 35 miles from Ewood Park. This blog is about our family and what we do. Two of the boys love going to Rovers. One loves football, but supports Spurs, the younger two - I concluded - are too young to sit through a game, so we're not going to go to every home game next season.
We liked the family stand, but they get on people's nerves.
Let's face it the only sell out this season is this weekend and I reckon that's down to Man Yoo fans buying tickets in the Fraser Eagle and Jack Walker. Be interesting to see if Potty Mouth and Knuckle Head stand up to Mad Eric of Salford sat in row 2.

Michael Taylor said...

By the way, I've done Old Trafford three times this season on the old corporate prawn buttie junket. It's a good laugh, but it isn't football as I know it.


Never mind all that. I've been pulling my hair out trying to think of a band that you've left out your list of 100 songs for blokes .

I can't.

Except for The Cure, Boys Don't Cry.

Or All Together Now, The Farm.

Or something by The Charlatans?

Or EMF? OK. I'd best leave it there.

Michael Taylor said...

My university dissertation - Is there a new man? featured three song quotes as chapter entries. Cars and Girls, How Men Are and Boys don't Cry.

Good suggestions.