Sunday, April 27, 2008

Ten thoughts on .... dead trees

Our paper recycling bag is far too big and I don't get to read all that pile of paper, especially when we've had such a busy weekend like this. Here are my ten thoughts on my media consumption.

* We get the FT at work and I skim it.

* We get the Manchester Evening News at work and I always wish it could be more like the Evening Standard: confident and proud - and agenda setting. There's good stuff in there, but the adverts dominate every page.

* I get the Spectator for political coverage and for amusing asides from Taki, Toby Young, James Delingpole and Rod Liddle. Martin van der Meyer is always excellent.

* I used to like the Weekend FT, but it became a drudge. The new relaunched one looks lively.

* I like The Guardian for news and features, and Media Guardian on Monday, but the finance coverage is woeful. Suduko is the best of all the papers.

* The Observer under Roger Alton has been brilliant. Andrew Anthony and Nick Cohen are great comment writers. I like the fans round up of the football.

* I quite like Independent and try and buy it once a week. Jeremy Warner is very good on the business pages. Now Roger Alton is editor, I may buy it more often.

* Saturday is for irreverence and range and The Guardian, especially The Guide, is great for that.

* I have stopped buying the Sunday Times, but did so today to support my good pal Dr Philip Beresford who has done another exhaustive survey of the nation's rich.

* The free Stockport Times goes straight in the bin. Yet I buy the Stockport Express for Marple district news and Sale Sharks stuff.

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