Sunday, April 27, 2008

Down on the farm

Just been down to the Farmers Market at Marple Hall School. The butcher at the front entrance had more or less sold out of meat, but I got a load of sausages and steak. The ruddy cheeked farmer from Shropshire sold me a bag of veg for a few pennies short of £3. Inside, it was absolutely packed. The man with the biggest smile in the room was Nick Lindley from Deli Select, who was doing a bustling trade in cheese and expensive nibbles. There are Greek nibbles, Thai bites and a table full of fudge.

In truth, there's not that much of a farm theme at all. It doesn't matter, because it's a nice trip out and the produce is of good value. The next one is on the 3rd Sunday in May. I hope it's better weather and they can have it outdoors.

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Unknown said...

I missed the Marple Farmers Market, we turned up a week early too it and I was away the next week!