Thursday, April 24, 2008

Eric the Existentialist

When I was at Old Trafford for the United v Roma game we spotted Eric Cantona. I thought that the little fellah sat with him looked a lot like Ken Loach. Turns it out it was, in fact, the lefty film maker, who is making a film about the Kung Fu Kicker's time at OT.

There's this from Popbitch today:

Ken Loach is making a biopic of Eric Cantona's time at Man Utd, provisionally titled Finding Eric. The director hasn't lost his “man of the people” credentials. Rather than staying in the posh Lowry Hotel he's in a big standard 3 star place, refusing the services of a chauffeur and spending his 35 quid a day per diem in Pret a Manger on food for his staff. He and the Cantona family have been travelling around by tram or minicab.

I was certain I saw Ken being driven in a Merc through Chorlton after the game.

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