Monday, July 02, 2007

Time to close Kelly's Night Club

The Hawk Green Residents Association meeting this evening was a lively affair. Item 6 on the agenda was a discussion about disturbances most weekends caused by drunken scrotes spilling out of Kelly's Night Club in Goyt Mill. There were about 50 people present. A licensing officer gave some guidelines on how to apply for a review. A copper reported that there had only been 6 complaints. The mood in the room changed when people realised the system was hopeless. What followed was an overwhelming sense of anger that this situation had been allowed to continue for so long.

Also present at the meeting was the owner of Kelly's - Mr Terry Kelly. He was offered the opportunity to say: a) how many people he had refused service to, because they were drunk; b) how many underage kids he had turned away; and c) if he had anything to say to residents who had been caused so much trouble. He said he had only come to observe.

I've never been to this place. But I'm more convinced than ever that it should not be allowed a licence in a leafy suburb like this.

However, in the words of this bloke, "fair play to Kelly, he had a go."

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