Tuesday, July 24, 2007


I've been inundated with requests to be friends with people on Facebook, or Facecrack as Rachel Machin describes it. Get back to your new born baby, or social services will be round, I say.

I've found a network about Marple where someone has this to say:

Hey guys. Went through a long phase of hating marple when I was in my mid teens. I've done some travelling in the years since and i've really started to appreciate how good Marple really is. I've travelled Switzerland and the US looking for hills like Marple's and i've never quite found em. We could do with a chav culling but they'll never take our hills away. The hills are ours!

There's even a Marple Athletic Football Club section, populated by lads who used to play for the teenage teams, but as we're currently looking at doing up the website maybe they could help us out.

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