Tuesday, July 24, 2007

The slow death of Liquorice toffee

Me and my occasional lunch buddy Jason Southern have noticed a slow decline in the amounts of liquorice toffee available. We searched in vain for a tube of Liquorice Toffos, but they appear to have vanished.

The greatest sweet shop in the world, Humbugs in Lancaster has a section on their website, here, devoted to the delights of this very tasty treat, but even they have expunged chewy toffee, such as the creamy Walkers Nonsuch and Bluebird from their inventory.

There's a website, Liquorice Heaven (link is here), that sells the salty Dutch stuff.

There's a website called Bah Humbug that sells the liqourice midget gems and sports mixtures that the merger between Lion and Maynards appear to have killed off. Get them while you can from here.

And there's a website called A Quarter Of... (link is here) which has a better range of toffee, including the creamy Walkers Nonsuch, for which the official but basic website is here. I met Ian Walker, the owner of the business in Chubby Chandler's tent at the Open last year. He is a master of his craft and a true gent.

But why is this purge on liquorice happening? Are tastes changing to such an extent that kids will only eat fruity and sweet confectionary? I hope not.


Michael Taylor said...

Lisa Clowes from Walkers has emailed an update on their wonderful toffees.

Tastes are changing, infact Liquorice sales are increasing – consumers like a more definite and powerful flavour.
Bigger changes are in distribution where multiples are dominating the retail scene at the expense of the independents.
I can tell you that the following stores stock our Liquorice Toffee:
Wm Morrisons Supermarkets – 100g Andy Pack Bars
Julian Graves – 100g Andy Pack Bars
T J Morris Ltd (Home Bargains, Quality Save Stores) – Twist Wrapped Toffees
E H Booths - Twist Wrapped Toffees

Anonymous said...

I found Morrison's licorice toffee in a little shop in Breamar Scotland! Unfortunately I live in California...