Thursday, July 26, 2007

Burst water main

I didn't sleep well last night. Might have been the rose wine. Might have been the crackers and cheese. I heard a commotion at about 5am, which followed a large rumble from an enormous vehicle rumbling along Hibbert Lane. Woke this morning to find there was no water. A main had burst outside our house and had flooded our next door neighbour's drive and garden. Luckily Andy's shed was alright, but his drive is a mess, hence the commotion.

When I left to take Joe and Matt to school at 8.15 there was a torrent down Hibbert Lane and the road seemed to have ruptured in a few places. United Utilities recorded a message at 6.15 that they were going to restore supply today. A very cheerful fellow on the helpline has just given me an update that people are using water tankers for supply today, but all being well it should be back on by this evening.

Did I imagine what sounded like a convoy of tanks, or was that what caused the burst?

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