Monday, November 27, 2006

You are what you read

I get regular emails from Amazon, which I do genuinely like. Trouble is, they send me recommendations based on things I've bought before (sometimes as presents).

Top of the list is a book by a football hooligan from Glasgow Rangers, followed by a DVD Something the Lord Made, starring Alan Rickman and some cuttings job about Paul Weller. Anyway, see the full list below. I have no intention of buying any of these:

Rangers I.C.F.
Something The Lord Made [2004]
Spin Doctor's Diary
Death Warrant: Kenneth Noye, the Brink's-Mat Robbery And The Gold
Crusader's Cross
Celtic Soccer Crew
Highway Companion
Shout to the Top: The "Jam" and Paul Weller

This is clearly a ploy by Amazon to make me so self conscious that I will buy some more cookbooks from them, instead of from Borders or the Marple Bookshop. And to redress the balance of dross I will then buy Terry Eagleton's collected essays, the new Christopher Hitchens book on Tom Paine and a Merchant Ivory DVD boxed set.

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