Thursday, November 23, 2006

The Man Who Made Accidents Happen

In the not too distant past Insider magazine has earned some points of distinction covering the rise and fall of The Accident Group (TAG), a Manchester-based company that would process trips and slips. It went into administration on 30 May 2003, but was the market leader in the ‘after the event’ insurance business, providing legal expense insurance services to individuals who had suffered a personal injury and who wished to recover damaged from a third party.

The BBC did an excellent documentary on the subject called The Man Who Made Accidents Happen about Mark Langford, the controversial founder of the business.

The directors of TAG had made a lot of money in the past and liquidators have since sought to find out the cause of the collapse of the business with a view to asset recovery.

A court in Jersey will this week rule on the distribution of assets in an offshore trust earmarked for millionaire co-founder Mark Langford and his wife Debbie. Begbies Traynor, one of the firm's liquidators, has been delving deeper into the mysterious offshore trust, which was frozen in June 2004 after Langford attempted to sack the trustee and move cash to a company on the Isle of Man.

Insider Weekly, our email business news service, has this week reported that the Langford's house in Congleton has been put on the market for £3.75 million.

One day, when people are willing to talk without fear of perverting the course of justice, I'd like to write a book on this whole episode and some of the characters thrown up by this whole pantomime. Whether anyone would buy it is another matter, but it's a salutory tale for our times.

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