Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Farewell my sweet northern Rose Hill?

I am worried I may no longer be able to rely on the train service from Rose Hill to Manchester Piccadilly (pictured above). This morning's 08:13 train was cancelled, which left me no other option but to drive to work. I'm cross about this, though not as cross as I would have been if I'd walked to the station.
This is also compounded because the Marple train yesterday was dreadfully late because of overcrowding, which then sparked a revolt at Romiley when passengers refused to get off the train.
Northern Rail do have a website which is now reporting no problems on the Rose Hill line. GMPTE also have a service where you ring 0161 228 0322, then key in 2873 for information about trains from Rose Hill, or 2830 for Marple. I'm going to test this tomorrow and let you know if it's working properly.
My major worry is that passengers will get out of the habit of using the service because it is so unreliable. The operator will then decide it's not worth running and shut Rose Hill altogether. This gloomy conspiracy theory is not an uncommon topic of conversation amongst commuters and I'm not minded to let this lie.

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