Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Spooks - what's going on?

The beauty of Spooks is the constant threat in the air that the unexpected will happen. Lisa Faulkner being dunked in a fat fryer in the second episode set the tone. The constant churn of characters means no-one is indispensible. Tom, Danny, Zoe, Ruth - where did the Scottish one go? I missed that.

I think the current plot twist with Adam isn't that he's losing it and will be put out to seed, but the opposite. He'll stay and we'll see the rest of the grid dealing with his issues. And there's so much more to come from Zaf.

A couple of recent debates have focused on the Mossad conspiracies in the last three episodes. Was this a sop to Islamic viewers who were cross at having their brothers portrayed as violent terrorists every week? Was it tantamount to a rehashing of lunatic 9/11 theories?

For me, the most ludicrous aspect of the second storyline (the Christian nutters) wasn't that a highly trained hit squad of Mossad's finest would take a building in central London and kill a Christian terrorist, after being tipped off by a rogue civil servant, but that they would be battered senseless by the posh bird out of Cold Feet.

Last night's Serbian twister was a corker, spoiled by a typo in the last scene's on-screen caption. I won't spoil the plot in deference to my colleague Lisa Miles, a fellow Spooks addict who missed it, but she will be reaching for the screen with her pot of Tippex.

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Nathalie said...

Hi there, I just dropped in by clicking the 'next blog' button. Hope you don't mind!
I have never seen a full episode of Spooks, but sometimes when I zap I see the last 10-15 minutes and I really don't get a thing of what's going on...but for some reason you just keep looking to all these people pointing guns at eachother, people dying, cars exploding. And then I also noticed the blond woman from Cold Feet and I got totally confused. :)
Anyway, what I'm trying to say is; although I haven't seen much of it, I do like the series.
Okay, well...bye then :)