Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Where I won't be going for lunch any time soon

Thanks to Manchester Confidential for digging out the Food Standards Agency information on restaurant hygiene. They selected several which rated zero and many more that rated just 1. I have to say I was particularly dismayed at some of the places featured in the lowest rated list, most notably the Yang Sing on Princess Street which was last inspected in January 2011. I even recommended a friend to go there last week when he was up with work from London. To be clear and to be fair, a zero rating demands urgent improvement. You hope this was just catching them on a bad day.

Here are a few other places I've been to recently that only rated 1, which means "major improvement necessary".

In Chinatown: Pacific and Royal Orchid.

Sandwich shops: The Beautiful British Butty on Portland Street and Nicky's.

Northern Quarter: Kabana and Koffee Pot

Other city centre restaurants: Efes Tavern.

I'll be checking back to see if they have improved and in the interests of fairness will point this out.

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Anonymous said...

Surprised at Pacific , used to be outstanding plac eto eat some yaers ago. Efes are now just very greedy and cynical and Koffee pot.........they will probably be pleased with the one !