Sunday, April 10, 2011

We're playing twelve again

I don't believe that, by the way. I thought the reason Blackburn Rovers drew with Birmingham City yesterday was a failure to create momentum. Birmingham made that difficult with some negative time wasting in the long drawn out second half, which the referee didn't seem too bothered about, but the Rovers players simply didn't do enough. Santa Cruz is a major disappointment, Pedersen had a good first half, but he lacks urgency.

But this hysterical blaming of referees is starting to wear me out. The TV and radio pundits go on about decisions all the time. It fuels this impotent sense of entitlement that every decision can be challenged, attacked and, let's face it, used as an excuse for failure.

Three weeks ago, chatting with a Rovers director, we totted up the points we could accrue in the run-in. There were three "must win" home games. The first being the draw with Blackpool, the second being yesterday's draw. The point at Arsenal was an unexpected bonus, but we're still three points down. It's not looking too good.

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Savio Mathias said...

yeah love the aptly named title to this but I would go further they really had 14 to our 11 how the linesman could not see Bowyer's goal was a couple of yards offside is beyond me!. Although the ref was dire the one thing bugging the rest of Blackburn is why Kalinic the club's top scorer is not on the bench is beyond belief how RSC continues to get picked is totally beyond me & Kalinic has to come back in I thought he was supposed to pick players on form yet the form player is not even on the bench!. But I must say the referee was totally dire how Carr was not sent off for that dangerous lunge on Hoilett or the constant fouling by their players & how the linesman & ref missed that blatent penalty after wrestling Benjani to the ground was unbelievable when I saw that incident from the blackburn end I thought it was a penalty at the time but watching it back on tv confirmed it was a definite penalty even Ferguson was fouling all game I would only hope the FA have the B**** to read the riot act to Mr Foy but somehow I think not anyway at least it's another point closer to safety better than no points.