Friday, April 08, 2011

A new Barbour from Bags of Flavor

I've just had my Barbour waxed jacket made into a bag and I bloody love it. I must admit I was pretty pleased with a classic Barbour waxed coat when I picked it up from a special vintage Oxfam shop on Oldham Street in Manchester last year. I scour some of the vintage shops in the Northern Quarter for rare pieces and enjoy unearthing the occasional thing of beauty. But, much as I liked it's rustic functionality, Rachel was right when she said it aged me by about five years. Needing a decent bag for carting around the things of life - mags, books, laptop, etc, and one that's a bit roomier than my current Manchester classic - I stumbled on the ideal solution: recycling.

I cannot recommend Rich from Bags of Flavor enough. He's got a terrific little shop on Tib Street with some vintage pieces - Adidas trainers, denim shirts, plaid, Fila coats, a magnificent 70s Belstaff that suddenly looks very contemporary - but his craft is making DJ bags, hence the name of his enterprise. He's done a cracking job with the bag: working original Barbour plaid lining and the waterproof waxed outer shell, he's embedded the label, reworked the collar clip and used the pocket as a handy front section as a bit of nifty custom detail. I love it, absolutely love it. Brilliant.

Here's the Bags of Flavor website.

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