Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Welcome to football, Mrs Rao

So, Mrs Rao, the owner of Venky's and Blackburn Rovers will have enjoyed her first football match tonight. Well, I say enjoyed, maybe she expected Rovers to win after spending all that money in the transfer window. But Spurs are a decent side who hold the ball well in midfield and defend very well. Their keeper was on fine form too. I'm sure Jerome Anderson and Steve Kean explained all of this to her. I was disappointed to lose, but on balance think there was enough to take from the game to feel the season is still going to be good.

But I feel embarrassed to be part of a crowd that booed Keith Andrews before a ball had even been kicked. Shameful. OK, he was signed by a discredited manager and is pretty crap, but what a nasty, negative and stupid thing it is to boo one of your own players. What must Mrs Rao be thinking.

And another thing? Where was Rovers chairman John Williams? Not in his usual seat, that's for sure.

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