Sunday, February 13, 2011

Marple's gateway

I read in the local paper that there had been a protest against trees being cut down on Dan Bank, the road into Marple that is being worked on every night for 2 months.

My first thought was that people mustn't have read the information leaflets and were shocked, as I was, on seeing how stark Dan Bank looked following the felling. On re-reading the excellent leaflets and website, it is clear this is always what had been intended. Once new trees have been planted and the banking landscaped, the entrance to Marple will look good again. And at first I didn't share the paranoia and anger of those who have posted on the Marple website.

There's more on the Myers Tree Care site, here.

But there's a nagging doubt. The Dan Bank project has also made it clear that a large number of trees needed to be removed in order to make the uphill footpath wider and to build a new bank to the side of the new stone wall. Their detailed explanation is here. But they claim that following the meeting with residents and protesters, 65 trees and shrubs will be planted. How many were they planning on planting before this was raised? Anything else they want to mention?

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