Sunday, February 06, 2011

A bit like London...

I do look enviously at the amount of political, philosophical and literary events in London. I see it as a challenge for an aspirational and cultually ambitious Manchester to do more and to offer more.

For that reason I have to be delighted that Martin Amis will be in conversation with Ian McEwan at the University tomorrow. Delighted too because I'm going along. It means I won't and can't quite stretch to seeing Dave Haslam in conversation with Frank Cottrell Boyce at the Royal Exchange on Tuesday.

And what am I doing about raising the level of debate and discourse? Well, there's this:

Debate: Inside Job & the financial crisisMon 21 Feb, 20:00, The Annexe
Cornerhouse, in association with North West Business Insider, presents a special post-screening discussion to coincide with the release of documentary Inside Job. Join us to debate the issues raised by the film about the recent financial crisis and its ongoing consequences. Michael Taylor, editor of North West Business Insider co-chairs this debate with Sarah Perks from Cornerhouse, invited guests are Michael Luger (Director of Manchester Business School), John Ashcroft (CEO of pro.manchester) and Steve Connor (Co-founder and CEO of Creative Concern).

You can book here.

So, yes, probably not really a bit like London, but like London buses, you wait for ages, then a few come at once.

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