Thursday, January 06, 2011

Steve Kean, on second thoughts

One swallow doesn't make a summer. One win over a dysfunctional Liverpool side doesn't mean Blackburn Rovers are out of the woods yet. But... I saw enough last night to be able to feel much more positive.

First of all, the important events on the pitch. Watching a team with TWO strikers, wingers and a flattish back four was exciting again. There are plenty of match reports that focus on how awful Liverpool were, but I was impressed with every single Rovers player. So, fair play to Steve Kean.

None of that detracts from what I said after the farcical press conference on Tuesday. If Kean is a good coach, a thinker, shrewd tactically and capable of getting the best out of his players, then the best thing would be to let him get on with it. The overwhelming feeling I got from the club's executives and directors last night was still a confused and dispirited mood. To a man they are good blokes. They've run the club very well up until now and should be trusted to do so. I hope now this ludicrous search for "marquee" signings is over. Once the Venky's mob realise it's not like playing FIFA 11, then let the football people run the show and manage the business effectively.

I didn't get chance to speak to Jerome Anderson (he was on the phone after the match), but he holds the cards.

Also there were Sir Alex Ferguson, Derek Fazackerley, Matt Jansen (was he scouting for Chorley?) and Ian Holloway. No sign of Kenny Dalglish, the man who would be their returning King.

I was lucky enough to be a guest of Crown Paints last night, and honoured to be handed the duty of presenting the Man of the Match award to David "Junior" Hoilett. What a nice lad. Quite shy, but he seemed very humble.

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