Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Roll up, roll up for Comical Ali's Circus

Mark Ogden in the Daily Telegraph tomorrow will liken the Blackburn Rovers manager Steve Kean to Comical Ali. The former Iraqi minister of information, you may recall, made a fool of himself, denying the truth, while his country was invaded. That, says Ogden, was what came to mind at the Rovers press conference today.

Preston fan Mark Lawrenson also waded in tonight. He can see us getting relegated this season. And like everyone else he knew, just knew, there was no chance on earth of Ronaldinho coming to Ewood Park.

The most humiliating thing about the Kean press conference was his utter lack of participation in the building of a team. This is what he said: "I know there has been contact made by the owners to representatives of Ronaldinho but I don't know how far down the line it is and whether it will actually happen." (source: here).

The truth is, he did know. He must have known. This is a silly stunt. Their whole play acting with our football club is a stunt to promote their chicken business. This interview with Mrs Desai on Sky Sports News is excruciating.

These people are making fools of us all and should go. I'm sorry. But they should. The sooner they realise the whole thing is a mistake and sell to someone else the better. But, like I said about the rather listless ownership of the Walker Trust: better the devil you know, and beware of what you wish for.

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