Friday, January 07, 2011

Hair, today

My good mate Jim Warwick, the first of the gang to start the inevitable passage of male pattern baldness, always maintained the difference between a good haircut and a bad haircut was about a week. As I'm losing my hair, slowly, it seems almost a waste of effort to get a decent haircut. And I've always struggled to settle on a decent place to stay loyal to. I like Dave Ward, the radio DJ who also operates a barbers out of  Denise @ Carringtons shop next to Debenhams. Then there's the Italian lads in the St Anns Arcade, the aggressive lad in Marple and his laid back Mod mate across the road. I did get passed on to a lad in the Gay Village by Tony Wilson, who thought my hair was "shocking". After trying a longer and floppy haircut my pal Chris Bird lost patience. He thought my hair was so rubbish he had me arrested and I was put on trial in the court at the Police Museum and I had to raise £2K in pledges to St Anns Hospice to get out of jail, I was also sentenced to a decent haircut by Chris from Razor's Edge. Again, a good lad, but more sophisticated than I needed. I once went to Nicky Oliver in Piccadilly Gardens. They asked me if it was alright if "Wayne" or "Derek" did it. I said I didn't mind who did it, thinking it's short and you can't go wrong. The reason they asked was "Wayne" or "Derek" or whatever he was called, was this stylist to the stars who had been poached from Harvey Nics. It cost me about £50. I've never come out with less hair and for so much money. If I'd been seen by Mr Oliver it would have cost me over £400. Honestly. Prices here.

Anyway, I'm rather taken now with Nick MacLure at his new shop in the Northern Quarter. He's taken a decent look at what I need, what to avoid and what to make it last. My first cut with him was 6 weeks ago. his shop was just about to open so it was hard to get an idea about what he was completely about. I liked his approach and his stories, which is quite important, and the way he approaches haircutting.

I also like to support independent businesses in the Northern Quarter. It's an important area for the city and seems to be on the up again. I'll come back to Oi Polloi, Black Dog Ballroom and the new frontage to Afflecks later.

I went back today and his shop was buzzing. The bare wooden frames on the mirrors, the painting style on the beams, the lighting. There were three different stylists, one doing extensions, cool music and a damn fine cup of coffee. And, I have to say, a decent trim to the job he started six weeks ago.

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