Monday, September 29, 2008

When you walk through the garden

We've now ended our regular tour of duty to Baltimore. Yes folks, tonight we watched the last ever episode of the Wire. All 58 episodes in less than three months. It's been an incredible journey. I know I sound potty, but I cannot recall a TV series this good.

If you have reached the end, as I have, there are some excellent reviews here, here and here, from New York magazine, The Word and The Guardian website.

Do not click through if you haven't finished.

But, as discussed, there are friends who are behind us on this. Neil, Rob M, Rob H and John Dixon have been very good about not revealing plot lines, so I'm not going to blab about what's happened to different characters, top ten moments, top ten most horrible characters etc.

But let's get our skates on and organise a screening and discussion at the Cornerhouse. Baltimore, the Manchester connection.


Voices From The Below said...

You know, that's really not a bad idea at all...

Michael Taylor said...

There was a Wire Weekend at the Curzon in London and it totally sold out.

Anonymous said...

I am now halfway through series 2 - it is gripping! thanks for the tip - makes a change from Middle Eastern tv which is all guff!