Thursday, September 04, 2008

Late today - congestion to blame

Today was the first day I have driven into work since I came back from holiday because I'm working late tonight. The 12 miles from Marple to Manchester took ONE HOUR AND 46 MINUTES. Suffice to say I was late. Most of that time was spent snaking along the two and half miles on the M67 from Hyde to the M60. No congestion charge would make any kind of difference to that, as it's outside the zone. The route along the A67 was pretty quiet.

And I could find no information on BBC Radio Manchester about what was causing the jam.


Steve Connor said...

Sounds like a nightmare Michael - but surely the better range of alternatives is what TIF is all about. If those drivers clogging up that road had a decent alternative and a disincentive to driving, then when people like us who have to drive in, we stand a much better chance of quieter roads and a faster journey.

Night before last I too had to drive - I had to get from town, to Salford and then back home to Didsbury. I was in traffic for almost two hours. Completely insane.

We have to sort this out and the only deal on the table - a deal which I think can work - is TIF.


Michael Taylor said...

A Radio 4 programme on John Major and Garrett Fitzgerald and an Observer comedy CD made it all very bareable. It could always be worse.

Without going into endless detail, about how I get to work, the train from Marple to Piccadilly was cancelled this morning due to engine failure. This spectacular lack of investment in Northern Rail rolling stock is at the centre of this horrible problem, not extending Metrolink, which is what TIF is about. You are right there is a need for people to take alternatives, but the whole package assumes commuter journeys into the beating heart of the shiny new city. Most of those punters were heading for the M60 from what I could gather, because few cars actually went down the A67. Also, I thought the proposals had to meet the key test that they tackled congestion where it occurs.