Thursday, September 04, 2008

Middle Eastlands

As usual, Real Journalism's David Conn does a cracking job summing up the "Manchester City bought by the oil trillionaires" story. Can't add to it. Superb. Link is here.

What's the betting someone is looking to hire a camel for the next home match, that they'll be selling sky blue and white tea towels as Arab head dresses? I've even had one City fan goading rivals with reminders that every time they fill their car with fuel, it's helping Manchester City.

But I've not heard anything yet from this blue. Or this one. To quote one blue pal today - "I still think there's a catch somewhere."


laurawolfe said...

Okay, okay. I've been slow on this one, but I've been busy and I still can't believe it is happening to us!

Michael Taylor said...

Noel Gallagher used the "United fans filling their cars are funding City's transfer budget."

Disbelief seems to be the reaction of City's manager too, according to how the story was reported in the Metro today.

Chris Nicolaides said...

Over here in Abu Dhabi the story died after a couple of days, simply because it's just another thing the Emirate is buying abroad, along with Excel in London, the Chrysler Buliding in the US and a big chunk of Citibank. Once everyone realised it wasn't United they lost interest!

I know a number of Birmingham City fans who a couple of years ago cut up their MBNA cards because they didn't want to fund the Villa's transfers. Maybe if United fans didn't fill their cars up, it may help the congestion issues in Manchester ...... or will that be in London?