Friday, June 22, 2007

Race for Rovers, City sold

I mentioned in a post yesterday that there were names in the frame for Rovers that would make fans weep. I did not mean this in a positive sense.

Anyway, another name has cropped up. But I'm sure that this kind of unseemly public discussion is the last thing the Walker trustees wanted.

The South African billionaire Johann Rupert has emerged as a potential bidder to take over at Blackburn Rovers, rivalling the US-based businessman Daniel Williams, as the club continues its dialogue with prospective suitors.
Rupert has contacted other businessmen, including Wayne Huizenga, the owner of the Miami Dolphins NFL team, with a view to putting together a consortium to buy out the Jersey-based Jack Walker family trust's 99.8% stake.

Full story in today's paper is here.

Anyway, looks like Man City are being bought by Thaksin Shinawatra. For what it's worth I share the opinion of Real Journalism's David Conn in the paper today.

Yesterday's announcement expressed nothing about City being the Manchester club, about pride or heart, nor anything about Thaksin's criminal charges or the cloud hanging over him. Instead City's board said: "The offer presents an opportunity for Manchester City shareholders to realise their entire shareholding in Manchester City for cash, at a significant premium."

Which says it all. Many City fans were rejoicing yesterday as if the club had found another saviour, not caring, as predicted, about Thaksin's background; wanting only his money. Really, City fans, those who are not eight years old any more, should grow up.

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