Sunday, June 17, 2007

New regime at Rovers

Alan Nixon, a well connected freelance journalist in the Cheshire footballer belt has smoked out who has bought Rovers (his mate the chairman, John Williams, probably told him). The new owner is an expat called Daniel Williams (no relation to John), based in New Jersey, and he's been working with Walter Hubert, a director from the old days.

The full story is here. The price tag of £67m is way off beam, my source reckons it's £30m.

The other name in the frame is Nigel Morris, the founder of Capital One bank and a Lancaster Royal Grammar School alumni. He's a Spurs fan but may be interested in an investment. Kevin Roberts is also sniffing around football. Another LRGS old boy, KR is a Man City fan, but really loves the egg chasing variety of sport: "The global rugby community is something special and is unparalleled in sport," he says.

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