Thursday, June 14, 2007

The law of the jungle

This week has been fascinating observing the behaviour and attitude of road users. Everyone's back at work at the moment. The roads are full again and the rain has made people a bit more edgy.

I'm not a particularly aggresive driver. I tend to let more people out of drives, turn right and merge than I have to, but kindness costs nothing and you hope people will do it for you. Well, until a month ago they did, but that's because I was driving around in a 4x4. I tell you what, people got out of the way. When you came to merge, they would let you merge. Now I'm in a rented regular car until my new one arrives I get nudged out of lanes and flashed at the rear by flat track bullies. One graceless idiot this morning on the M67 at Denton island was driving a Golf (a woman, as it goes), a pushy berk was revving his Mondeo as if the most important thing in his world was not letting me merge in when three lanes become two.

This NEVER happened when I drove the beast.

Also, I will be calling a company in Sheffield this morning to inform them that their van driver on the A57 at Gorton is unfit to drive a commercial vehicle.

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