Friday, April 27, 2007

Ten thoughts on...celebrity Rovers fans

We don't have many celebrity fans at Blackburn Rovers. We're not that sort of club, to be honest. We can't claim a celebrity fan base that includes James Nesbit and Curly Watts. I've thought about this because I'm told that one of the contestants in the new series of BBC TV's The Apprentice is a Rovers fan. The link to him is here. But this is a stab at a list for a bit of Friday fun.

Jim Bowen, presenter of Bullseye.

Steve Pinder, actor, used to be Max Fanham in Brookside.

Neil Arthur, former singer from 80s band Blancmange.

We sometimes claim Carl Fogarty, though he's really a Man Yoo supporter, but he pops up at Ewood rather a lot.

Wayne Hemingway, fashion designer, who occasionally appears on Soccer AM.

Jack Straw.

Jack Straw's son, Will.

And then there's only one Simon Garner. Who's famous for being a Rovers player. But he's a fan now.

We're really struggling now. Arthur Wainwright, the fell walking book bloke was a fan, but he's dead. As is Jack Rosenthal, a writer, and husband of Maureen Lipman. She must still hold a torch in north London for the mighty blues.

So to make up the numbers there's that Apprentice bloke. Adam Hosker.

Hard work that. But then, rather that lot than Alastair Campbell.


Wotstadoo said...

Bill Beaumont - one time England Rugby Union captain.

Dennis Taylor - former world snooker champion and Ford Cortina lookalike.

Wotstadoo said...

Bill Beaumont - One time England Rugby Union captain.

Dennis Taylor - Former World Snooker Champion and Ford Granada lookalike.

Shawn Michaels - American Wrestler.