Tuesday, April 24, 2007

The Literal Democrat

David Thame, one of the finest business writers around, has set up his own website. It's full of the wicked wit we have come to love so much. His Real Deals column in Insider is always a real treat. Sadly we don't have it on our website.

He offers marketing people some tips on dealing with him. And a few ground rules.

A flavour of it is here:

Congratulations. Oh please, please spare me quotes like this: Norman Halfwit, director at Idiot Developments, said: “I’m delighted to welcome Sh!t Marketing as our fourth tenant.” Suzy Blonde, director at Sh!t, said: “We’re so happy to bring our expanding business to an Idiot Developments scheme.” Not only is Sh!t a silly brand name I won’t use - but the quotes add nothing. The day the developer says: “This is a tawdry little scheme and we’re very surprised to see some one daft enough to pay our exorbitant rent” and the tenant says “Our overdraft is staggering and I have these terrible headaches all the time, so we thought what the hell,” is the day I start to use quotes like these….. If it’s just a little story then a little unpretentious (brief) press release will do nicely, thanks. Don’t fabricate daft self-congratulatory quotes.

A link to David's site is here.

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