Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Running man

My colleague Jim Pendrill, aka Running Man, ran the London marathon in under 3 hours. He came in at 2hrs 54min (and 32 seconds!) and was 551st in the race overall. If you tap his name into the marathon website you can also see his 10k split times.

Quite a few of us promised to double our pledge if Jim came in under 3 hours so his effort pounding along the scorching Embankment in 70 degree heat is going to cost us! A rough estimate is that Jim will have made £2,000.

This was such a joy for the family of Luke Carthy, the boy who Jim's wife Julie has been looking after and who sparked Jim's interest in a trial to seek a cure for the deadly and hereditary disease that little Luke is suffering from.

If you want to give to the charity, The Myelin Trust, you can find out more here.

Cool running, JP.

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