Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Do you mean me?

Nigel Hughes over at Ear I Am has an amusing tale about searching. He's also done a terrific piece about a PR industry round table discussion which strayed into the land of blog.

Here's my version:

Talking to other bloggers, I have been made aware of all kinds of add-ons that make this blogging business even more fun. Blogjuice, technorati, Google analytics - there are all kinds of gimmicks out there that help you track where your readers come from, what they are interested in and even who they are.It seems that The Marple Leaf's paltry readership is drawn from mentions and links on other blogs and from people who seem to know my blog address so type it in directly.

Bizarrely there are also a handful of people who have searched for "Michael Taylor" on Google.What? Why the hell would anybody be searching for me on the Internet?A quick Google search makes it pretty evident they're not. Type in "Michael Taylor" and it's clear that the ramblings of a dullard northern business journo pale into insignificance next to the day-to-day lives of other people stuck with the same name.

Ten other people called Michael Taylor include:
  1. A solicitor in Burton on Trent
  2. A solicitor in Manchester
  3. The leader of the Lib Dems on Calderdale Council
  4. The chief executive of Business Liverpool
  5. A romantic novelist
  6. A contemporary British artist
  7. A Missouri prison inmate on death row
  8. The professor of Geography at Birmingham University
  9. A bloke with a recipe for beef casserole
  10. A footballer for Halifax Town
To all those Michaels out there, I can only apologise if potential readers of your sites end up at The Marple Leaf by mistake. In return, if you get anybody asking if you're the Michael Taylor with the big nose then point them this way.



Excellent list. I did a pitch recently to a nice lady called Frannie Santos-Mawdsley. I am not sure she could play this game.


Anonymous said...

Sir Frederick Treaves poem is spot on and should eschew from all right thinking men, well done.
Porridge is the way forward in life, lowers your cholestrol , stops you picking between meals and should lower your body fat ratio, amazing how all the old things tend to end up being the best.