Thursday, December 07, 2006

Common people

Having a name like "Michael" "Hughes" "Taylor" or "Nigel" doesn't make it easy to locate though a Google search, see below.

Try being Neil Tague, one of the top chaps I work with. Type that into Google and his whole life was laid before me. All his features for Insider, all his awards, his generous donation to Charlotte Bacci's New York marathon sponsorship, a hostile review of one of his features by someone who misses the point, all his musings on various websites about Oldham, Everton, cricket and Grange Hill trivia. Even his court case in Pennsylvania, er, that might not be him.

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Tim Chapman said...

Hi Michael,

Now I know why my site has been getting a sudden small rush of visitors searching for Neil (often in conjunction with a rather rude word). If mine was the 'hostile review' you mention, it was meant as light-hearted criticism rather than hostility, mainly at the expense of the curious pondering of 'cool'. All part of this media convergence/conversation stuff we've been reading so much about - and at least it shows people are reading and engaging with the mag.

Congratulations on the awards, and best to all the old guard at Newsco.