Friday, September 08, 2006

Random thoughts on a mad day

Mad day today, so here are a few things to chew on:

Best chewy liquorice toffees ever
Walkers Nonsuch

Best treacle toffee
Penrith Toffee Shop

Best coffee
Cafe Direct, the 5 strength one in a red packet

Best kebabs ever
Platos, Lancaster 1980s

Best fish and chips ever
Station chippy (RIP), Piccadilly bus station, Manchester

Current kids fave song for playing loud in the car
Ring of Fire - Johnny Cash

My current album for playing in car
Streets of New York - Willie Nile

Best support band ever
Flaming Lips, Old Trafford 2003

Band I wish I'd seen live, and in their prime
Stiff Little Fingers

Best hotel in Manchester

Best place to eat anywhere at all
Three Fishes, Whalley, Lancashire

Best gig for atmosphere
Oasis, supported by Manic Street Preachers at Cardiff International Arena 1996

Best Blackburn Rovers player of all time
Alan Shearer

Most loved Blackburn Rovers player of all time
Simon Garner

Best trainers ever
Adidas Samba

One last thought: European football returns to Manchester next week. United host Scottish champions Celtic. I for one will not be comfortable in Manchester city centre next week. I remember invasions by Celtic fans as predictably hostile occasions. I also consider it in the height of poor taste that a pre-match rally at a local Irish Centre will feature a flute band named after an IRA man killed while planting land mines. And this in a city that has suffered a bombing by his "comrades" 10 years ago.

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