Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Marple's most famous son

I was chuffed to bits to be invited onto Talk of the Town on BBC Radio Manchester on Saturday. But less chuffed that I can't seem to be able to post a picture of us larking about.

The presenter - Anthony Wilson, the former altar boy from St Mary's, Marple Bridge - introduces me as one of his best friends, which is lovely of him. I've never been called that by someone who's had a film made of his life. Tony and Yvette, his partner (Ant and Vet) also got me Terry Eagleton's After Theory for my 40th, judging that I'm now mature enough to read it. Which I'm clearly not.

Anyway, the programme format is one that Wilson does so well from the days when he hosted the wonderful After Dark on Channel 4 in the 1980s.

Along with Angie Robinson from Greater Manchester Chamber of Commerce and Stephen Miles of the Radisson Edwardian Hotel we talked as we would if we were just some regular punters in the Cornerhouse cafe. Tony had to temper his langauge for broadcast purposes, which he managed with one exception, when he told the story about how Manchester gangsters have "shit" guns.

Topics ranged from Manchester's "offer", Is Manchester still cool?, the English language, Blair, Thatcher, Taser Guns, Birmingham, lap dancing bars, the rain, the rain, the rain, China, hotels, Peter Saville, London, Wembley, Manchester United.

Anyway, you can listen to it if you have the technology, at the link at the top.

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