Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Labouring the point

As a fan of BBC's Spooks I find it quite exciting having all these robocops around Manchester city centre this week to guard the Labour conference. And there seem to be more road sweepers and traffic wardens than ever before. Mmmmm?

But are people enjoying the experience of being the centre of the world? I asked a couple of pals what they thought, which will appear in the next issue of my magazine.

Paul Horrocks, who edits the Manchester Evening News says: "Money can't buy the global exposure Manchester received from hosting this conference. It was good news all round for the city."

Mike Reeves, who plays rhythm guitar and works for Clearwater Corporate Finance, says: "It's simply snarled up an already exhausted transport network, taken up police time when they could have been doing something more productive, used up hotel space that could have been taken by people spending their own money in the region rather than taxpayers money, and filled the area with sinister looking bodyguards to raise the fear level. Other than that, it's been great."

What do you think?

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