Sunday, September 12, 2021

Sunday rest

Today’s blog is a quick stock take. I’ve genuinely really enjoyed the discipline of writing something substantial every day this month. I’ve even started a bit of a grid to plan posts on working days and to avoid letting current events dominate. Case in point, I’ve not done one about 9/11, even though it had a profound and important impact on my life, as I explained here.

On September the 10th 2001 I looked around the Capitol building in Washington DC, visited Arlington Cemetery and gazed over in awe at the Pentagon building. Without illusions, but with great pride I enjoyed a few days steeped in the best traditions of a multi-cultural democracy. I flew home from Dulles Airport where I may well have been within feet of the murderous crew who hours later were flying the hijacked American Airlines Flight 77 to Los Angeles into the Pentagon.

As it’s Sunday, and we’re getting back to normal, I’m in my Mum’s living room in Lancaster, surrounded by love, tea and chicken sandwiches. We’re joined by Sally, my Mum’s best friend, who has been filling my life with laughter since I was born.  If it’s OK, I’m going to get back to them.

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