Sunday, September 05, 2021


There are a dozen things I could write about today, at least. 

Having had such a busy weekend, seen people, done more in two days than we had in two years. So it seems appropriate to take a bit of a step back. In the course of the last half hour, scrolling social media as I come around to start a busy Sunday, I’m reminded of one of the 32 habits suggested in Natasha Jones’ book Mandemic, reminding yourself every day to be grateful for what you have, to properly pause and tally up. 

Life can be hard, things pile up, challenges seem insurmountable. Many people suffer the Sunday Scaries; worrying about the week ahead before the weekend is even over. 

A friend seeing our posts from an incredible Richard Hawley concert last night makes a beautiful complimentary comment about us that is humbling and sad, especially from someone I hold in such high regard. But we all wear a mask to some extent, projecting the best version of ourselves. 

The last thing I’d ever want to do is flaunt a perfectionist profile that forced a comparison. But here’s the point: more than anything I feel grateful today. For all of it. It doesn’t feel right for me to list what that is, but I’d just love for everyone to take time today to just be grateful, to give thanks, to embrace it, channel it, don’t backdate it. I will if you will.

And at a time when I've never felt as disconnected from faith and truth and God, I'll go to church to use that hour to try and give thanks.

 And thank you, whoever you are, for reading this.

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