Tuesday, March 15, 2011

The Paul Adams 10People Project

I have a massive amount of admiration for professional  photographers. They can make all the difference to a publication, or to the projection of an idea in advertising. And at a time when all kinds of amateurs are playing at it, sending journalists out with digital cameras for grip and grin head shots, here is a timely reminder of the craft that really good photographers possess.

Paul Adams is one of my local favourites. He's completed a project with ten of his clients, called 10People. I'm one of them, and he's done a sample on his blog here. The picture, above left, is one his too, taken on my iPhone. The others are obviously much more atmospheric.

But take a look at his range of work, especially the textures he creates. The empathy he has with his human subjects. I can't quite place it, but there's also something very organic, very Lancashire, about Paul's work too. Check him out here.

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Paul Adams said...


Thanks you very very much for your kind words. It is much appreciated and it is nice for someone to appreciate photography and the work that goes into a shoot.

Once again. Thanks.