Sunday, March 27, 2011

Family hiking again

Another Sunday, another epic walk. Either these children will become endurance athletes or they will regard this as torture and never venture out with boots and rucsacs again. We did the canal walk from Goyt Mill to the Hyde Bank tunnel, then followed the trail down to Chadkirk and Otterspool. The walk up to Marple Hall School and then through the houses is the boring bit - but it was a satisfying day. I can't quite work out the total distance but it's about 5 and a half miles. The highpoint was definitely the aqueduct that takes the Peak Forest Canal over the Goyt. It's history is here. I couldn't believe it had been built in 1804. Amazing. And such adventure on such a glorious day. Bliss to be alive.


Anonymous said...

I use it all the time to work out mileage for walking, jogging etc.!

Michael Taylor said...

Cheers for that Mr Anon!

5.8 miles, we'll round it up to 6.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing.
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