Tuesday, November 16, 2010

San Carlo Cicchetti

I went to the new San Carlo Cicchetti today. It was described to us by the waiter as an Italian Tapas bar.

There were lots of small portions of things to share and everything was delicious - calamari, scallops, lamb chops in egg, livers, prawns and meatballs. As a spot for lunch I was impressed. That's even after they cocked up our order a bit. Some spicy sausage pizza never arrived, but it was on the bill, and there was a misunderstanding over our coffees.

The crowd were more casual shoppers and wealthy looking ladies who lunch, but I imagine they'd like to get more business lunch people dropping in. The blokes I went with were directed across the road from the main San Carlo, which wasn't a bad ploy. I also hear they do breakfasts. Sharp move, I like it.

So, well done San Carlo, another winner.

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