Tuesday, November 16, 2010

A few web gems from round and about

Here are a few links to some poignant, thoughtful and inspiring things I've seen in the last week.

Helen Newlove has started a blog in her role as the champion for active, safer communities.

A mountain I'm willing to die on. A mother's thoughts on bullying. Hat tip: Toby Scott.

A warm and revealing profile on Christopher Hitchens by Andrew Anthony. 

Social enterprises and public service delivery. From the Guardian today.

Richard Littlejohn gets mugged on his own show by Johann Hari. Hilarious. Even though Hari is an irritating dweeb, this is great.

A very good new blog I've found from Solly. The egotistical musings and mutterings of a tabloid journalist with too much time on his hands who is determined to post a new blog every day for a year without mentioning football. Hat tip: Ear I Am.

Jay Rayner on The Trip.

Yotam Ottolenghi. That is all.

I was going to review the new "i" newspaper, which I quite like. But this review says it all. Hat tip: Bracknell Blog.

Technology addiction. From Fast Company.

What did God give us, Neil? God gave us life, Nigel? Tribute to Half Man Half Biscuit from Ear I Am.

Finally, business, the big society and Bolton. From North West Business Insider.

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