Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Nothing special

The concluding episode of Marple-based tear jerking drama Sunshine concluded last night on BBC1. Bernard Hill was amazing as George Crosby, the Grandad and Dad of the piece. And the unstated love between the Coogan character and his estranged wife was very well played out. I didn't envisage quite such a happy ending, and it was too short a run for any more plot twists, but as a piece of feel good drama it was triumph.

There are some other reviews here and here.

Here's a bit from one: "It was shot in a nothing-special northern town with rain and war memorials and boozers and betting shops and kind hearts and corny jokes."

And a view to die for, a high street with everything you need and it's own cinema, even. Something very special in these times, I'd say. But the point is a fair one in this context.


Anonymous said...

pity they didn't use the Regent for the cinema date shot though!

Michael Taylor said...

Yes, I noticed that. I think they used the Savoy in Heaton Moor. Strange as they scenes at the solicitors and estate agents were right opposite!

Anonymous said...

I felt let down by the last episode as it all turned to sentimental mush. Gambling addiction is clearly very easily sorted, so why all the fuss?

The wife's acting was poor and the boy far too good to be true.

Michael Taylor said...

Of course it was sentimental mush - "Bing - I want to come home." Not a dry eye in the house.