Sunday, October 05, 2008

Historical football kits - a quite brilliant site

There's a brilliant site here with all British football kits on it. Like, EVER. It is so ace. *Dons anorak*

I drive through Chesterfield a bit and wondered why the Union Jack features quite so much (chippy, garage, pub). Well, this was Chesterfield from 1892-3 they really did have that kit. And York from 1973 had that.

I fixed my view of what colours different teams were in about 1973 (when I was six). I had this incredible book my Dad got me one Christmas, and I have never been able to take seriously clubs that change their kits so much. Millwall, Crystal Palace, Luton Town, Stockport County and Rochdale have all buggered about with their tradition. I'll let another blogger of a nearby parish explain Tranmere's experiment with blue, and a workmate to put light on Oldham's flirtation with Orange. As for Burnley's first ever kit being blue and white halves, well, words fail me.

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Michael Taylor said...

Neil Tague emailed this:

Tangerine I think you’ll find. I think it was a Ken Bates/60s mad shit (Ken being something of a hippy) thing, I think he wanted us to stand out. It’s a big cult thing, especially as we won the Fourth Division and Ford Sporting League in 71, and made a recent, scandalously cut short comeback as the away kit. About 200 fans (including Lyndon) went to Brighton a couple of Aprils ago as “Clockwork Tangerine” – orange boiler suits, bowler hats etc. And everyone loves to sing Yellow Submarine-style “We play in bluuuuuuuuuue – and tangerine”.