Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Ince loses dressing room - this blog was first

As exclusively revealed on the Marple Leaf last week, OK, "noted with caution" Paul Ince had already "lost the dressing room" at Blackburn Rovers. The Daily Mail has now waded in with this.
Senior players don't like him, his staff and his training methods, apparently.

Bring on Keith Andrews, that'll sort it.

The Graun has also come to the same conclusion as me on league placings (14th), after this thoughtful piece by Barney Ronay.

Last night I watched the Carlos Villaneuva clips on You Tube. He looks ace. But then before you get too excited, you can do a search on this deadbeat and get a 3 minute compilation that makes the currently unattached, ex-Swiss second division player, an absolute world beater.



As a TRFC fan, my view on the new regime at t'Rovers has more to do with Ray Mathias than Paul Ince. I refer you to previous correspondence:

"Good coach/assistant manager but doesn’t command enough respect to be the top boss.

Got Wigan to the play-offs and got us to the play-offs once too I seem to remember, but I heard rumblings that the players took no notice of him and did as they pleased.

There’s probably a bit of ‘show us your medals’, especially at your level. He played his whole career at TRFC when we regularly had to apply for re-election so I can’t imagine Bentley et al think there’s much he can teach them.

I’m surprised Ince has taken him with him to the Prem. I thought Mathias’s job would have been to show him the way around the lower divisions not train internationals.

But maybe they make a good team. Ince clearly rates him and, given his track record so far as a boss, I’d trust Ince’s decisions for now. You’ll be OK with him in charge I reckon."

We'll see, eh?


Michael Taylor said...

The comment form the "senior pro" was that the management team was "cobbled together" must have hurt. Mark Hughes had a really tight team who used every device they could. Bit like Nigel Hughes, really!