Friday, August 08, 2008

Are friends eclectic?

David Hepworth from The Word magazine sets a test. A randomizer - what five songs come up first when you shuffle the musical pack on your iPod (or equivalent MP3 player)? I was reading through the choices and thinking, what a load of bollocks. Who are these people? Is this just people trying to be eccentric and eclectic? I suspect so. No one has anything vaguely embarrassing.

Here are my first 10:
Martyr - Depeche Mode (hardly know it, one of Rachel's)
First Gear - The Rapture (must have been something off the youngsters at work, can't even remember where it came from)
Autumnsong - Manic Street Preachers (OK album track, but not a favourite)
Great Things - Echobelly (old 90s Britpop track)
Out of the Blue (into the fire) - The The (Excellent album track)
Those Canaan Days - From Joseph musical (on a for the kids playlist)
Let me entertain you - Robbie Williams (not very Word, but I like the Robster)
Babe I'm Gonna Leave you - Led Zep - (like it, but not my favourite by them)
Albert Hammond Bootleg - Half Man Half Biscuit (folk poetry)

I think because iPods are getting so massive, you just get all sorts ripped on and hope for the best. I must admit, I to tend to listen to playlists and new albums at the moment - Paul Weller's 22 Songs and the new Sigur Ros are my fave pair.



What a great game. Here's what came up when I tried it:

Break on Through, The Doors
Oh Happy Day, Spiritualized
Always Dancing Never Getting Tired, Waterboys
Sowing the Seeds of Love, Tears For Fears
The Joker, Steve Miller Band
Get Out and Stay Out, The Who
Silver, Echo & the Bunnymen
If Love Was Like Guitars, Ian McNabb
Born to Run, Frankie Goes to Hollywood
Wake Up Sleeping, Saw Doctors

Not bad really, although I didn't actually know I owned anything by Tears For Fears.

Ear I Am

Michael Taylor said...

I suspect you've only got about 100 songs on your iPod Nige. That, or you're even more achingly hip than I suspected.



The cheek of it! I've got 2881 songs on my ipod thank you Mr Leaf!

Admittedly 2,500 of them are by the same 10 bands....

Ear I Am