Thursday, May 17, 2007

Waste disposal

I hosted the North West Business Environment Awards at the Bridgewater Hall last night, full list of winners can be found here. It was a good event, we kicked off with a chat show discussion about how businesses can meet the challenge of climate change and good waste management. Joe Dwek and Paul Monaghan even disagreed on a couple of things about energy which made for good entertainment.

I enjoy doing these kind of things but every now and again I have to read something off a script that makes me want to gag. One award for environmental good practice in the public sector went to the most useless organisation in Christendom - the North West Regional Assembly - a quango with neither point nor purpose. It seems they won the award for ordering lots of fair trade tea and coffee and occasionally emptying their waste bins and recycling paper. They would make an even greater contribution the environment if they simply stopped producing irrelevant reports and nonsense press releases altogether.

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